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Updated: 7th October 2020 

1. Cancellations: All cancellations must be made by the person who made the booking. Cancellation notice must be sent to us in writing by post or email and shall take effect upon the date of receipt by us (or where this is not a business day, the following business day).

2. Cancellation charges: If you have to cancel your booking, you will be charged according to the following scale:

  • 8 weeks or more from the start date*: Loss of deposit (Amount detailed in individual quotes)
  • Between 8 weeks and 4 weeks of start date: 40% charge
  • Between 27 days and 14 days of start date: 50% charge
  • Between 13 days and 7 days of start date: 70% charge
  • Between 6 days and start date: 100% charge (including ‘no show’)
  • Leaving early: 100% charge

* The “start date” is the first day of the whole period booked

3. Cancellation charges are based on a percentage of the total price for the whole period booked. You may be able to reclaim cancellation charges under your insurance policy.

4. Cancellation of individual passengers within a party, in addition to attracting cancellation charges, may also mean re-invoicing of the remaining passengers at the applicable brochure prices for the new party size.

5. Adequate travel or/and sports insurance is a condition of your contract with either us or the supplier in question, as applicable. You must take out a policy of insurance in order to cover you and your party against: the cost of cancellation by you; the cost of assistance (including repatriation) in the event of accident or illness; any additional costs incurred by Jonathan Markson Tennis associated with forced quarantine, including where this requires the player to stay longer at the camp that has been originally booked;  loss of baggage and money;  where restrictions applied by the UK or any overseas government or public authorities mean you are unable to leave the UK and/or travel to or gain entry into the country(ies) where your holiday or tennis course is due to take place; and other expenses.

6. Occasionally, it may be necessary to postpone or cancel a confirmed booking. We have the right to change or terminate your contract in the event (i) we are prevented from performing your contracted camp or holiday arrangements as a result of unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances (see clauses 7 and 8) and we notify you of this as soon as reasonably possible or (ii) in relation to group tennis courses only, that the minimum number of bookings necessary for us to operate your group tennis course has not been achieved and we notify you of the change for this reason as referred to in clause 9. Where we have to postpone or cancel your booking in these circumstances, we will provide you with a credit for a place at a comparable camp or holiday in the same or the following year (but you will not be entitled to a cash refund).

7. A full credit only arises where we cancel your booking in accordance with clause 6. Without limitation, you will not be entitled to a full credit where you cancel a booking as a result of any unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances, including but not limited to in the event that you are unable or not recommended to travel on your holiday if we are still able to provide the service booked with or via us. This may be the case, for example, where restrictions applied by the UK or any overseas government or public authorities mean you are unable to leave the UK and/or travel to or gain entry into the country(ies) where your holiday is due to take place. The issue of advice or recommendations against travel by public authorities (such as the Foreign Office) does not automatically mean we are prevented from performing your holiday arrangements but may instead affect your ability to travel. Please see above for the scale of refunds applicable to your cancellation. 

8. Unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances.  In these booking conditions, unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances means a situation which is beyond our control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken. Such situations are likely to include but are not limited to (whether actual or threatened) war or threat of war, riot, civil strife, terrorist activity or actual threatened terrorist activity, pandemics, epidemics, quarantine, ats of government, acts of god, industrial dispute, natural disaster, adverse weather conditions, fire, flood, an outbreak of a serious illness at your holiday destination, closure, restriction or congestion of airports, other transport hubs or airspace, flight restrictions imposed by any regulatory authority or other third party and volcanic activity. For the avoidance of doubt, unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances also include the coronavirus pandemic (and any further mutation or iteration of this virus) and its impact such as travel restrictions and the measures and other action being taken by governments, public authorities and businesses to control and manage its effects (such as the implementation of social distancing).

9. All group tennis courses require a minimum number of bookings to enable us to operate them and we reserve the right to postpone or cancel any such course where this minimum number is not achieved. You will be advised before your booking is accepted of the minimum number applicable to your booking. Failure to achieve this minimum number does not, however, oblige us to cancel. We will notify you of postponement or cancellation for this reason not later than 7 days before the start of the group tennis course.

10. It is understood that if Jonathan Markson Tennis does not receive payment in full by the due date, the reserved place(s) may be treated as cancelled and that the cancellation fees set out above may be levied. For all summer camps (Oxford, Yorkshire, Cambridge, Annecy and Brighton) the date is 14th May for all bookings made prior to this date. For all other courses it is 8 weeks prior to the start date. Bookings made after the 14th May are payable in full at the time of booking.

11. If, after we have issued written confirmation, you wish to amend any of the booking details, we shall do our best to accommodate your requirements but we do reserve the right to make a charge of £25 per alteration to cover the administrative work involved. You may also be required to pay any additional costs from our suppliers arising from any booking amendment. This applies to amendments made more than 8 weeks prior to the start date. Amendments made within 8 weeks of departure may be treated as a cancellation of the booking with a liability to pay cancellation charges. Name changes are considered as an amendment. However, please note, no charges will be made for amendments which involve solely additional requirements such as car-hire or extra clients travelling at the same time.

12. It is most unlikely that Jonathan Markson Tennis will have to change any of your booking arrangements, but should any amendment become necessary, we will do our best to provide comparable arrangements. If these are not possible, a full and immediate refund will be made (save as set out below) and Jonathan Markson Tennis will have no further liability to you.

13. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that our tennis coaching programmes are completed, where there is curtailment or abandonment due to adverse weather conditions (the decision for which rests solely with the Head Coach), we cannot accept any liability for any loss suffered as a result nor make full or partial refunds. By booking with us you are deemed to accept the risk that weather conditions may adversely affect, in whole or in part, the number of coaching hours to be provided.

14. Bookings are made on the understanding that any participant may be photographed and/or filmed for any publication or production relating to our holidays. Please notify us if you do not agree with this use of photographs / films.

15. If there are any changes to your travel arrangements in terms of delays, cancellations, schedule changes etc, we cannot accept liability for any prior loss, damage or expense or make refunds in respect of monies paid. 

16. Customers booking with us have a contract with Jonathan Markson Tennis. Accommodation and Coaching packages are covered by Financial Failure Protection in accordance with the Package Tour regulations (1992). For more information please see the bottom of this document. 

17. A booking is treated as accepted by us once the deposit has been paid and we have confirmed the booking by way of email and you are liable to pay the outstanding balance by the relevant payment date. 

18. We can provide general information about the passport and visa requirements for your trip, but this is for guidance only and it remains your responsibility to check the requirements before you travel. Your specific passport and visa requirements, and other immigration requirements are your responsibility and you should confirm these with the relevant Embassies and/or Consulates. Neither we nor any suppliers accept any responsibility if you cannot travel because you have not complied with any passport, visa or immigration requirements.

19. We reserve the right to reject any applicant for participation on our courses without giving a reason.

20. We reserve the right to expel without refund any participant whose behaviour, in our opinion, is detrimental to the smooth running of our programmes. In these circumstances any costs necessitated by an expulsion (e.g. extra travel costs) will be met by the expelled participant or (where appropriate) by the parents or guardians of the expelled participant.

21. Oxford (summer), Yorkshire and Brighton - It is understood that Jonathan Markson Tennis will by arrangement and on payment of the applicable charges organise transfers for children from and back to airports and stations arriving and departing on agreed arrival and departure days within the times (if applicable). Assistance may be given in the case of arrivals and departures outside the specified times and/or at different locations, but such assistance may not be possible and may carry extra charges.

22. Bookings are accepted only on the basis that all these terms and conditions contained herein have been read and accepted.

23. We reserve the right to make any such alterations to our programmes and to the arrangements relating thereto as we deem necessary. We will provide you with notice of any such changes as soon as reasonably possible.

24. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the details describing our holidays and camps are correct and whilst we are confident that participants will enjoy the essential elements of what is described, liability cannot be accepted for changes that are out of our control.

25. Our brochure descriptions are based on information available at the time of printing the brochure and/or agreeing a contract with the accommodation supplier and that it is possible that changes may occur after the date of publication of the brochure. Where such changes are brought to our attention we will endeavour to ensure that our website description and reservations system are updated so that the changes may be notified to you at the time of booking.

26. Accommodation ratings are displayed as provided by the supplier. These are intended to give a guide to the services and facilities you should expect from your accommodation. Standards and ratings may vary between countries, as well as between suppliers. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of any ratings given and no warranty is given or implied.

27. Safety standards in some countries may differ from those applicable in the United Kingdom. All properties comply with applicable health and safety regulations. We strongly advise that all customers seek to minimise their exposure to injury by familiarising themselves with relevant safety information.

28. If you find that you are in any way dissatisfied with our service or the service of one or more of the suppliers whose services make up the holiday, in order that we may have the opportunity to correct the matter, please contact our local representative immediately. Should the local representative not be able to resolve the situation, please report the complaint by email ( or by phone (+44 207 603 2422) immediately.  If you fail to follow this procedure there may be no opportunity to investigate and rectify your complaint. The amount of compensation you may be entitled to may be reduced or you may not receive any at all depending upon the circumstances.

29. We take your email address and any essential details at the time of booking in order to email you a confirmation of your booking as well as information that we will require for your stay.   

30. In the terms and conditions “we”, “us”, “our” and “Jonathan Markson Tennis” are used to refer to Jonathan Markson Tennis (Oxford) Limited. 

The Package Travel, Package Tours Regulations 1992

Jonathan Markson Tennis (Oxford) Limited is a company committed to customer satisfaction and consumer financial protection. We are therefore pleased to announce that, at no extra cost to you, and in accordance with ''The Package Travel, Package Tours Regulations 1992'' all passengers booking with Jonathan Markson Tennis (Oxford) Ltd are fully insured for the initial deposit, and subsequently the balance of monies paid as detailed in your booking confirmation form. The policy will also include repatriation if required, arising from the cancellation or curtailment of your travel arrangements due to the insolvency of Jonathan Markson Tennis (Oxford) Limited.  

Policy exclusions: This policy will not cover any monies paid for Travel Insurance or any claim relating to Air Flights. Please ensure the Company you have booked with has the appropriate CAA / ATOL Bonds in place.